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Ruth Ann Petroff


When life becomes the business of making the pieces fit while smiling big at the joy of it all, you’ve found Ruth Ann Petroff. She feels as lucky as she feels determined. She’s inquisitive yet strategic. People are her thing, and she loves quality integration.


Petroff now finds herself as a representative to the Wyoming House, and the thrill of creative planning and the art of building connections is at the root of her philosophy. Coming to politics from an entrepreneurial background, she tends to keep her eye on a similar set of structural values to keep every bit in line.


Moving to Jackson in 1988, Petroff says her number one goal was to become part of the community. She ran a franchise of Dominos, opened up Hard Drive Café, and now owns and operates Snake River Roasting Company, with its organic and fair trade beans. Serving on the board at St. Johns Hospital Foundation is yet another way she keeps her finger on the pulse.


She’s found her groove in the Wyoming House, and it’s much like an extension of what she does at home in Jackson: collaborating toward determining innovate solutions. Diversity is important to Petroff for many reasons and she believes in allowing the working class to thrive as well, where people of all age groups, opinions and talents can coexist.


Having learned so much by being part of Jackson’s multifaceted growth, Petroff’s believes in thinking, planning, and acting on behalf of shared convictions as the way to effect change and stability. She loves interacting with people and working to create “the most idyllic society we can…” she says. “What’s most rewarding is being part of that whole process of creating community.”


With a recently intense adventure with Leadership Wyoming under her belt, and the Wyoming Women’s Legislative Caucus to garner support, she feels the powerful sources of inspiration and grounding available to strengthen the state. In the caucus, ideas flourish through “the level and kind of support we give each other.” Through engaged discussion, Petroff feels optimistic that Wyoming is well-positioned for smart and energy efficient growth. Financial footing, natural tourism appeal, and recent strides made in education are also boons. “This is the time to step out as leaders and let that [growth] happen,” she says. 


Her commitment to thinking outside of the box filters all the way into her own business and her own home. She continues to support the arts at the drop of a hat through donations and activity space. And she and her partner Mark Barron personally know the artist responsible for each piece of art in their home. Add a couple of abundantly loved (spoiled!) dogs to the list, and it’s the picture of a busy Wyoming woman… on the go.



















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